How We Work

At Rubber Duck Cars, industry experts value your vehicle, not a computer – meaning we can pay more for your car.

Car valuation software often gets it wrong, or uses outdated information – which is why our competitors consistently find excuses to knock money off the value they initially offer you, or simply don’t offer you enough in the first place.

After we agree a price we use a common sense approach when we see the car and won’t be looking for any excuse to reduce the price we’ve offered like our competitors do. Just describe your car as honestly as you can, and we’ll give you the best price we can.

We pride ourselves on being nice, straight forward people to deal with, and we don’t charge fees.

If you live in the North East and want to sell your car, we can help. We offer a no obligation quotation service and free collection; simply input your details on our main page and follow the quick easy steps. We value your car based on your description and it isn’t a computer that values your car, but a motor industry professional with years of experience.

We use a common sense approach, so unlike our competitors if you’ve described your car honestly and have missed something minor – we won’t use it as an excuse to reduce the value you receive. Mistakes do happen, so if you’ve missed something that is more serious that’s no problem either, but we may have to reassess the price we’ve offered you. We are easy and reasonable people to deal with, and don’t forget – there’s no obligation to sell to us!

We can collect from your home or place of work, at a time of your choosing and we pay you by instant bank transfer. If you’d rather, you can come to us at one of our offices instead.

Instead of completing the online form, why not call us and speak with one of our friendly experts. We’re available every day between 8am and 8pm on 0191 413 1234.

If you have a settlement figure, that’s no problem – we can take that into consideration regardless of whether you’ve got equity or negative equity.

If you’ve got a plate that needs transferring from your car we can assist with that too.If your car has a fault just let us know – we can still buy it!

We can buy any car, and we will buy any car – and we pay more than our competitors – with prices guaranteed for 7 days! Sell your car to us quickly, easily and hassle free.

Why Sell Your Car To Us?
No obligation to sell

Even if we agree figures and collection, you can still back out – it’s your car after all!

We will guarantee the price for 7 days!

We’re confident that we’ll be giving you the best price, so we’ll guarantee the value for a week!

We can settle any finance

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got equity or negative equity, we can take cash either way and take care of the finance company.

Avoid the hassle and expense of a private sale

The average car takes weeks to sell – and who wants strangers knocking on your door?

No Nit-Picking

If you’ve described your car honestly, we won’t reduce the price for something minor you’ve missed. If you’ve missed something major, we may have to reassess, but we’re not here to chip you for the sake of it!

No Fees and Same Day Payment

Did you know some of our competitors take up to £100 from you for the privilege of selling your car to them. We don’t charge any fees, and transfer funds the same day at no extra cost!